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Wireless charger radiation big?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the body’s response to the electric field is strong, but the body’s response to the magnetic field is almost no, so the system does not affect human health. However, this is only a speculation, some researchers expressed concern about this, before the actual application of life, but also the need for further testing.
As an electronic charging product, the charger itself can not avoid radiation, so wireless charger has radiation is inevitable. But the power of the wireless charger is very small, the charging time is long, and the radiation produced is also small, and it should not cause great harm to people.

How to use the wireless charger?

1, the wireless charging function on the mobile phone wireless charging plate, position to set, can charge, pay attention to the different support of some wireless charging panel of mobile phone models, according to their own mobile phone type wireless charging panel.
Charge 2, currently does not support remote, may achieve this technology, what is the wireless charging technology, according to a report from the United States, research institutes have developed a remote wireless charger, the charger includes a plug with the transmitter, an electronic receiver, as long as the power in a certain range can pass to receiver with terminal equipment.
3, wireless chargers use radio waves to transmit radio waves, not only an electromagnetic wave, but also itself that transmits energy and penetrates the air, making wireless power transmission possible.

Features of wireless charger

1, from the theoretical point of view, wireless charging technology no harm to the human body safety, the principle of resonance wireless charging is the use of magnetic resonance, transmission in the same frequency resonance with the coil, and other devices can not accept the band, in addition, the use of wireless charging field itself is harmless to the human body. But the wireless charging technology is a new technology of wireless charging, the charger to a source of science and technology, many people will worry about wireless charging technology like Wi-Fi and mobile phone antenna rod just appeared, in fact the technology itself is harmless.
2, the wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy, coils and capacitors in the electric and magnetic fields between the charger and the device
3, this system can be widely used in the future, for example, for the electric car charging area, as well as for computer chip power transmission. The charging time required for the charging system developed by this technology is only 1/150 of the current
4, the conversion rate has been a lot of people worried about the problem, Massachusetts Institute of Technology research shows that wireless charging technology loss than wired charging technology is lower. Wireless charging conversion rate is several percentage points higher than wired. High conversion is also a key factor for wireless chargers to be used worldwide. But wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future, it is necessary to solve the precise positioning problem of long distance transmission for the range of wave band and magnetic field.
5, the core chip is one of the difficulties of wireless charging technology in product applications. Precision radiation range control, magnetic field, frequency, and other controls are implemented by the chip.

Wireless charger principle

The wireless charging system mainly uses the electromagnetic induction principle, and realizes the energy transmission through the coil energy coupling. As shown in the diagram, when the system works, the input will exchange AC power through the full bridge rectifier circuit into direct current, or use the 24V direct current terminal to supply the system directly.
After the power management module, the output DC power is converted into high frequency alternating current through the 2M active crystal oscillator inverter to supply the primary winding. The output current of the secondary coil is changed into a direct current to charge the battery by the coupling energy of the 2 inductance coils.
The electric field magnetic field changes, changes of the electric field will produce changes in the magnetic field, the size and the change rate of the relationship, and the change rate of the sine function is a sine function, so the electromagnetic wave can be spread out, and the change and flux of induction voltage is related to the internal changes so the magnetic field induced voltage, thus completing the charging process.
Mobile phone wireless charging is relatively new way of charging, the principle is very simple, that is, the primary transformer primary and secondary level separation, to achieve the purpose of wireless. Of course, the wireless charging frequency is relatively high, and even the core can be discarded directly between the coil can achieve the role of energy transfer

Wireless charger profile

Wireless charger refers to the charging power line connected to the traditional terminal equipment required for charging the charger, using a wireless charging technology, wireless charging technology has received 20 patents in 2007, a variety of equipment can use a charging station, charging cable, mobile phone, MP3 player and other electric tools the power adapter will not exist. By using magnetic fields generated between coils, the magical transmission of electrical energy, inductively coupled technology will become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment.

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